The rise of SNCST today from its humble beginnings in 1951 starting as former Numancia High School, then to become the Numancia National Vocational School in 1956 by virtue of Republic Act 3656 until its conversion to a college in 1995 thirty years later by virtue of R.A. 7894 up to its existence today as an integrated campus to Surigao State College of Technology, Surigao City pursuant to Special Provisions of GAA 1999 and 2000 effective October 30, 2000, shows the Siargaonon's love and passion for education.  From then on, the school has increased dramatically in population, financial and physical facilities and  even its faculty and staff capabilities.  It continued to produce a great number of professionals who have made names in their respective fields in government and in private enterprise. As it struggled to fulfill its mission, it carries within its domain the hopes, the dreams and the aspirations of the youth in their search for meaningful and relevant education attuned to the changing demands of the time.

Today,  SNCST is bracing for challenges that lie ahead. It links with other schools, colleges and universities, industries and other sectors and agencies in the access of resources in its bid to promote itself as the center of excellence in human resource development in the areas of Science and Technology in this part of the country.

            The SIARGAO NATIONAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte is regarded today as the pioneer in skills development in Siargao Island. A land that is separated from the mainland province by a body of water whose unpredictability is one major factor that justifies the existence of an educational institution that would cater to the needs of the locals of the nine municipalities. Foremost of these is the provision of various opportunities for livelihood enhancement and sustainable development in the different industrial and technological fields or in the pursuit of higher education.

Considering her status today, it was not acquired overnight. Through the years she had continuously strived to fulfill the dreams and hopes of those benevolent supporters whose unselfish legacy was to ensure that on this municipality would rise a learning institution that would provide opportunities to its constituents rather than venturing into the cities where high cost of living would hinder them from pursuing their dreams.

Indeed she has gone a long way and milestone have been gathered in the process. Her history unfurled below:

April 30, 1951 - A deed of donation was executed by the donors, Alejandro Cubillan and Macra Sulima, legal owners of 8.0 hectare land in favor of the Province of Surigao as a site of the proposed Numancia High School.

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